Thursday, September 28, 2023
3:30pm – 6:30pm

Crowne Plaza

What if you had a chance to step out of your O’Fest comfort zone and experience something new and exciting with all of the components you already know and love?

Gymkhana, trivia contest, rallies, competitive teamwork……they all come together to form one amazing morning event!

O’Fest’s second annual Smart Hunt will lead you throughout Crowne Plaza:

  • Solving puzzles and mysteries,
  • Working your way through obstacles and roadblocks
  • Finding clues and treasures
  • Laughing and smiling until your face hurts

Meet new team members from all over the country as you compete for the ultimate prize – a new BMW!!  No, just kidding…..but the prizes will be fabulous, the time spent will be worthwhile and the memories made will be priceless!

This activity is open and suitable for any age and activity level.  A full instruction meeting will be held at the beginning and teams of 8-10 will be assigned.  Everyone will bring a valuable component to the team.

Did we mention that the prizes will be fabulous?

Check Out Highlights From Last Year!

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