Local Self-Drives

Choose from several options of local drives to points of interest such as….

Ministerial Road where rolling hills, bubbling brooks and wetlands surround as you encounter Larkin Pond.  However, the main attraction will be the winding road itself as several full leaf tunnels create a sense of mystery around every turn.


Paradise Avenue and Connected Roads, a picturesque network of roads taking you through tree-lined streets where houses of all architectural styles combine to form a one-of-a-kind experience.  Greek Revival, Colonial, Victorian and 18-century structures are present along the route.


Explore Conanicut Island, home to Jamestown, the gem of Newport County.  As one of America’s first settlements, Jamestown draws visitors from all over the world with much to see and do.

Clam Cakes or Fritters

In the Ocean State, we love our clam cakes. Some prefer them crispy, some like them softer, others like big chunks of clam inside and some like small bits mixed in with the dough. However you like them best, you’re bound to have a favorite go-to spot for this iconic dish. But you just might want to take a trip and sample these culinary treasures from places all over!


Fried pizza dough covered in sugar; need we say more?


If you are from outside of New England, you may not be familiar with one of Rhode Island’s most iconic dishes: the stuffed quahog. Known locally as a stuffie, this delectable mixture of clams, breadcrumbs, onion, celery, cherry peppers, butter and spices is baked in a clam shell, topped with lemon juice and/or tabasco, and consumed as an appetizer or anytime treat. They are such a Rhode Island treasure that there are multiple festivals across the state celebrating this very dish.

Coffee Milk and Coffee Cabinet

If you were born and raised in Rhode Island, the word “cabinet” likely conjures up a different image than it does for most. To the majority of Americans, a cabinet is a place to store things. To a Rhode Islander, it’s a delicious ice cream-based espresso drink that’s absolutely addictive. And there’s no better place to get one than Delekta’s in Warren.

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Delekta Pharmacy
496 Main St, Warren, RI 02885

Del’s Lemonade

Nothing says summer on Rhode Island like Del’s frozen lemonade. It comes in flavors like orange, watermelon and blueberry, but true Del’s enthusiasts know that it’s all about the classic lemon. Frosty, sweet and tangy, it strikes the perfect balance between slushy and Italian ice – no straw or spoon required.

Del’s Lemonade can be found across the state. Click here to see locations nearby!

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