2017 Autocross Results – Friday

Timed Entries: 14

Pos.Class#RookieDriverCar ModelTotalDiff.From 1st
1C - '1C' Total Entries: 1
1T 61 Phil Nybro1976 BMW 200246.490--
2B - '2B' Total Entries: 2
1T 234 Craig Baxter1996 bmw Z3 1.941.596[-]0.596-
2 149 Alan Warner1998 BMW 318ti42.192+0.596+0.596
3A - '3A' Total Entries: 1
1T 289 John Vajner III2015 BMW M235i41.493--
3B - '3B' Total Entries: 1
1T 282 Kim Crumb2004 BMW 330ci39.278--
3C - '3C' Total Entries: 1
1T 212 Jan Gerber2002 BMW 330ci39.017--
6A - '6A' Total Entries: 1
1T 362 Lee Cornett2006 Mini Cooper S JCW39.448--
6B - '6B' Total Entries: 1
1T 168 Brian Colvard2017 MINI Cooper S38.333--
7A - '7A' Total Entries: 2
1T 199 John Francis2000 BMW M545.269[-]0.439-
2 192 Richard Daugherty2015 BMW M545.708+0.439+0.439
7C - '7C' Total Entries: 1
1T 65 Ben Miller1973 BMW Bavaria47.075--
8 - '8' Total Entries: 2
1T 54 Chris Stokes2011 BMW 135i37.628[-]0.903-
2 101 Chris Augustine198x BMW 33038.531+0.903+0.903
10 - '10' Total Entries: 1
1T 262 Cary Menard2018 BMW 440ix47.471--

2017 Autocross Results – Saturday

Timed Entries: 23

Pos.Class#RookieDriverCar ModelTotalDiff.From 1st
1A - '1A' Total Entries: 1
1T 140 Jeff Bowser1973 BMW M341.316--
5A - '5A' Total Entries: 8
1T 425 Michael Anastasio2009 BMW M3 Convertible37.783[-]0.219-
2T 6 Fred Bell2006 BMW M338.002+0.219+0.219
3T 200 Jeff Thomson2017 BMW M238.074+0.072+0.291
4 48 Jeff Otten2018 BMW M338.960+0.886+1.177
5 56 Daniel McLaughlin1996 BMW 328is40.910+1.950+3.127
6 94 John Howard2014 BMW M441.334+0.424+3.551
7 49 Tish Otten2018 BMW M344.103+2.769+6.320
8 95 Betty Howard2014 BMW M459.718+15.615+21.935
5B - '5B' Total Entries: 7
1T 263 Ken Orgeron2003 BMW M334.741[-]3.314-
2T 30 Andre Noel1995 BMW M338.055+3.314+3.314
3T 59 Michael Washington1995 BMW M339.290+1.235+4.549
4 58 Don Van Lengen2005 BMW M339.840+0.550+5.099
5 36 Alison Bell2006 BMW M339.910+0.070+5.169
6 162 Blake LaGrone1999 BMW M340.555+0.645+5.814
7 60 Stacy Van Lengen2005 BMW M341.920+1.365+7.179
5C - '5C' Total Entries: 6
1T 127 Mark Schnoerr1996 BMW M337.180[-]0.308-
2T 121 David Schnoerr2007 BMW M Coupe37.488+0.308+0.308
3T 128 Sigrid Schnoerr1996 BMW M337.891+0.403+0.711
4 82 Quintin Golay2006 BMW M342.356+4.465+5.176
5 125 T. Lad Webb Jr.2004 BMW M3 Roadster46.036+3.680+8.856
6 81 Jean Riley2006 BMW M346.423+0.387+9.243
5D - '5D' Total Entries: 1
1T 137 Bruce Andrews1997 BMW M341.363--

2017 Fun Rally Results

15 Questions, 15 Pictures
30 Possible correct answers

126Amita Anderson86Gerald Anderson85
225 .5Leann Stokes55Cris Stokes54
325Michael Washington59Andre Noel30
424Al Sitzer243Jeanette Pelland244
523.5Stacy Van Lengen58Don Van Lengen60
623Valerie Baker73Vicki Finley40
722Jeff Otten48Tish Otten49
821Keith Cunningham76  
919Jan Gerber212Candy Gerber213
1018Jean Boyles98David Boyles96
1118Joyce Ng97  
1218Tony Fontaine229Kathy Fontaine230
1317Ray Mimick78  
1412David Dolenski207Eve Dolenski208

2017 Gymkhana Results

FirstMichael Washington & Andre Noel1:34.0018
SecondAl Sitzer & Barrett Leibe1:38.944
ThirdJan & Candy Gerber1:42.3215
FourthAlan Warner & Janet Kiyota1:46.3814

2017 Photo Contest Results

BMWs at Rest​

First Place Craig Baxter
Second Place Wendy Van Woerden​
Third Place Larita Godbey​

BMWs at the Current Oktoberfest​

​First Place Michael Mitchell
Second Place Lynne Bell​
Third Place Fred Bell​

BMWs and People​

First Place Michael Mitchell
Second Place Lynne Bell​​
Third Place Robert Alt

​BMWs in Competition & Action​

First Place Robert Alt
Second Place Kim John Crumb
Third Place Michael Mitchell

Original BMW Artwork/Drawings​

First Place Alison Bell
Second Place Michael Mitchell​

Enhanced or Manipulated Photography of BMWs​

First Place Wendy Van Woerden
Second Place Michael Mitchell

Peoples Choice​

​Michael Mitchell​

2017 TSD Rally Results

Class C

  1. Tony Fontaine and Kathy Fontaine
  2. Ben Thongsai and Michael Washington
  3. Eric Botnik and Cathy Botnick


  1. Candy Gerber and Jan Gerber
  2. Keith Cunningham and Rob Mitchell
  3. Sherry Campbell and John Campbell


  1. Scott Blazey and Dave Farnsworth
  2. Dan McLaughlin and Ky Exezedis
  3. David Hansen and Pam Hansen

2017 Concours Results

Reg No.NameYearModelClassPlace
282Crumb, Kim2004330ci4th Gen Modern 2000s Super Clean1st
78Mimick, Ray2008535i5th Gen Modern (current production) Clean1st
366Miller III, Martin2016Alpina B65th Gen Modern (current production) Clean2nd
239McClung, Steve2006X55th Gen Modern (current production) Super Clean1st
66Miller, Roxanne Merlino1973BavariaClassic Clean1st
245Roush, Dohn19743.0csClassic Clean2nd
221Wilson, Andrew19733.0CSiClassic Clean3rd
145Armstrong, Steve19723.0 CSClassic Super Clean1st
18Doran, Mark2008135iRace Cars Clean only1st

Harmon Fischer Award

Terry Sayther

People’s Choice

Andrew Wilson – 1973 3.0CSi

BMW CCA Foundation Award

Roxanne Merlino-Miller – 1973 Bavaria

Parker Spooner

Andrew Wilson – 1973 3.0CSi

Long Distance

David and Jean Boyles – 2614.22 miles

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