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The simplest form or rallying is sort of like a scavenger hunt, asking questions that can be answered as you drive the prescribed route. This sort of fun rally requires sharp eyes on the part of both driver and navigator! The winners are those who answer the most questions correctly, and there is generally no time limit.

The most famous rally of this sort is the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, a rally which has been produced annually for more than 50 years—and which requires no driving at all! It’s a map rally (sometimes known as an armchair rally), and its practitioners employ the Rand McNally Atlas to “travel” coast-to-coast, answering questions as they follow a carefully designed route. Besides being great fun, this armchair adventure is good practice for rallyists who compete in course-following rallies.

Some fun rallies—also known as gimmick rallies to those who prefer more serious fare—depend entirely on luck. Such an event is the poker run, in which competitors stop at a series of checkpoints where they are issued playing cards. At the end of the rally, the best poker hand wins!

At Ofest you can look forward to both TSD (time, speed and distance) Rallies and Fun Rallys.

What is a TSD Rally

Checkout the TSD Rally page to learn more!

What is a Fun Rally?

An O’fest Fun Rally will not be timed, will not require any particular maintained level of speed and can really be of any length. You may be challenged to follow clues, answer riddles and otherwise find your way around the area to find particular sites, locations and other items of interest. As the name says – you will have fun!

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