Judging Rules (revised 5/15/2017)

Each BMW CCA National Concours event will be a competition event focusing on cleanliness, condition and attention to detail in the presentation of show entries. Authenticity of the vehicle, as originally manufactured, is not considered as a primary judging criterion, except in the Concours Original Class (CO) and Preservation Class (PC).

General Rules

  1. Only BMWs may be entered by their legal registered owners.
  2. Registered owners must be current BMW CCA club members in good standing.
  3. Entrants must drive the car under it’s own power to the display position for judging.
  4. A car must be entered in the class designated on the registration form. Once submitted, no changes to judged category are permitted.
  5. Absolutely no work may be done on a car after the designated start of competition (“rags down”) time. Violators will be moved from competition and placed in the display category.
  6.  Judging will be based on cleanliness and condition, except in Concours Original Class and Preservation Class.
  7. A registrant may enter only one BMW for competition. Additional cars may be presented in the Display Only category.
  8. The Registrant and Co-registrant may share an entry; however, only one trophy will be awarded per winning entry.
  9. Judges may not enter a BMW in the class they are responsible for judging.  See Judges Code of Ethics.
  10. Decisions of the chief class judges and/or event chairperson(s) are final.  There is no appeal process.

Concours Rules

  1. All entrants must fill out their Judging Sheet prior to competition starting.  The owner or their representative must be present during judging to open hood, trunk, doors and gas doors when requested by the judges.
  2. All personal items must be removed from the areas being judged.
  3. Floor mats must be removed.
  4. Glove boxes must be open.
  5. Doors must be unlocked
  6. No “For Sale” signs are permitted on or in the car.
  7. Factory-supplied tools shall be displayed in their open compartment when requested by the judges.
  8. The spare tire and wheel jack are to remain in the vehicle; Any trunk carpet, removable floor panels, and any factory-supplied accessories are to be displayed behind the car.
  9. All windows shall be rolled down approxi¬mately 2 inches. Pop-out windows shall be opened fully.
  10. On cars where the doors and / or windows do not open in a standard manner (such as on BMW Z1s) doors shall be in the down or open position with the windows fully open.
  11. Ashtrays must be open.
  12. Sunroofs shall be slid half open.
  13. Convertible tops must be erected.
  14. Vehicles entered by professional restorers, customizers or coachbuilders shall be shown in Display Only category and will not be judged.

The BMW CCA judges will use a DOT system to quantify observations and deductions in each sub-category. One DOT will equate to ¼ of one point. Four DOTs will be one full point deduction.
With respect to the Concours Original Class (CO), a maximum of one point  per sub-category in each major area may be deducted from the score if, in the opinion of the judges, a part or parts within the area are found to deviate from OEM specifications or have been modified in a non-authentic manner. No deductions will be made for safety related items such as seat belts, modern tires or lighting.
The Preservation Class (PC) will be for unrestored BMWs built at least 30 years before the year of the competition. The criteria will be authenticity & originality, provenance, condition and cleanliness.

The BMW CCA definition of ‘restored’ is specific. A car will be considered restored when the undercarriage, suspension and drivetrain have been repainted, replated and / or reconditioned in a manner that covers or removes the original surfaces as built / delivered by BMW. BMW’s with new exterior paint, new / rebuilt engines and new upholstery will not be considered restored as long as the car retains the original finish on the above mentioned undercarriage components.

Bonus points are awarded as follows for vehicles judged in Open or Preservation categories:
One point for every 50,000 odometer miles up to a maximum of three points. If true mileage cannot be documented -TMU (True Mileage Unknown), then no mileage points will awarded. Original mileage accumulated on fully restored cars are not eligible for original mileage bonus. Restored cars will use an odometer clock reset rule, where in the mileage will be considered as 0.00 from the date of restoration completion.  All mileage accumulated after the restoration will be considered for above bonus points.
Additionally, entrants will receive one point for each ten years of the car’s age (model year based) up to a maximum of five points.

The following additional bonus points are awarded at all National Concours for all classes:

One half-point per 250 miles driven to Oktoberfest from participant’s home determined by Google ® “shortest distance” with a maximum of 2,500 miles or 5 points. Note: This bonus is awarded only for miles that the car entered has actually been driven from the participant’s home to the event, not shipped or trailered.

Additional optional special trophies (Best of Show, People’s Choice, etc.) may be awarded at the election of the Concours Committee.

BMWCCA Concours Tuner Category

Class Summary – Built NOT Bought

The Tuner Class is a new class intended for owners to show their enthusiasm of the BMW marque through customization and personalization. Judging emphasis will be on owner created designs / efforts and owner’s individual fabrication.  In a word, acknowledging an individual owner’s creativity, execution and fabrication quality, while carrying a consistent theme.  In a word, cars that have been “built” with the owners personal touch, not “bought”.

Owners are encouraged to share stories or narrative describing the build of the car with the judges. Scoring emphasis will not be on dealer installed options or simple over the counter parts installations.  Simple window tinting, vinyl wraps, wheel packages will score poorly in this competition.

Open to all modified BMW’s (no restriction on series, class, or year).  However, all entries must be BMW-based cars, originally provided with a BMW VIN Code. This includes;

Tribute Cars
Theme Cars
Drift Cars
Track Cars
Race Cars

Judging criteria

(Patterned on similar modern BMW events that are popular in supporting this highly modified class)

Build Theme and Integration of Modifications  

How closely does the car fit in the category it is being judged for? Stock/Classic cars rely on cleanliness and original parts. Modified relies on the individuals’ ability to put together a car that is heavily modified without sacrificing areas — such as only modifying the engine and leaving the exterior neglected.

Overall Score – 100 points


Innovativeness & Originality – 10 points

Was there something done to this car that stuck out more than any other car? This can be a unique and creative modification or an incredible display detailing the car and its uniqueness. This score will be added on last and could be the most important points scored.

Quality of Build – 10 points

If the car is fitted with non-standard body panels, spoilers, etc., what quality is the fit and finish of those additions on the car? Are the modifications on straight and connected properly?

Theme of Build – 10 points

Does the entire car come together and fit together as a cohesive design?

Extensiveness of Build – 10  points

How many areas of the car were modified – engine, interior, body, ICE, aerodynamics, suspension, graphic, etc.

Allot 60 points to Exterior, Interior, Engine, & Undercarriage Cleanliness

Exterior – 15 points

Paint Condition of Bodywork

The score should take into account the quality of paint over the entirety of the car including if the paint has the same finish throughout and if the if there are any noticeable blemishes such as scratches/dents/etc.

Wheels and Tires

Are the wheels and tires in good condition? Are they free from dirt, grease and brake dust? Do the tires have proper safe driving treads?  Does the wheel/tire combination flow with the overall design of the car?

Interior – 15 points

Upholstery, Headliner, Seats, & Carpeting

Look at the fit, finish and quality of all the interior items including the upholstery, headliner, seats, carpets, visors, door jams, mirrors, dashboard, glove compartment, cup holders, steering wheel, etc.

Audio / Electronics

Installation of any aftermarket systems should be clean and flush in the car. The electronics should function properly and be in full working order.

Trunk / Hatch

Inspect the trunk or hatch to see the fit, finish and quality including the latches, carpets, spare compartments, etc.

Engine – 15 points

Engine Cleanliness

Is the engine bay clean and free of debris? Are cables, wires, ducts, etc. properly secured and in proper position? Do any aftermarket enhancement work properly and do they have a proper fitment/mount in the engine bay?

Fluid Leaks

Are there any fluid leaks of any kind? There should be no evidence of current or previous issues to get a high score in this category.

Undercarriage / Drivetrain – 15 points

Exhaust System and Undercarriage

Is the exhaust system properly connected and supported? Are all pieces properly in place and fitted properly? Are aftermarket products safely and securing installed?

Brake System

Is the brake system in good shape? If this is an aftermarket system, has the system been installed cleanly and securely?

Springs, Shocks, Sway Bars

Do the springs, shocks and/or sway bars appear to be in good working order? Does the suspension system installed compliment the overall look and feel for the car?

BMWCCA Concours Race Car Category

Class Summary – Preparation for Competition

The race car class is for competition BMW’s. This is for BMW’s who’s primary purpose is use on a race course for competition.


All race car entries in this category must have a BMW based chassis. BMW powered vehicles that do not have a BMW chassis (McLaren, Bristol, Elva, etc.) are for display only.  There is no requirement for VIN verification or road registration documentation.  Entrants that own each race car entry must be BMW CCA current members in good standing. Race car entrees owned by Corporate collections, BMW N.A. or BMW AG are for display only.

Judging criteria 

Overall Score – 100 points

Quality of Construction  – 25  points

This includes fabrication quality, selection of materials and consistency in fabrication. The fit and finish of each modification, fabrication attention to detail and welding quality.

Design Comprehensiveness  – 15 points

Is the combination of modifications compete and comprehensive?  Are the chassis modifications adequate and appropriate for the specific horsepower?  Integration of safety equipment including harnesses and restraint systems, seating, access to safety equipment, safety equipment labeling (switches, shut off systems, fire suppression, etc.)

Exterior – 20 points

The score should take into account the quality of paint and consistency in application, including if the paint has the same finish throughout and the integration of sponsor graphics, class lettering, lighting, access to safety equipment, etc.

Interior – 15 points

Includes fabrication quality, fit and condition of all the interior items including the seats, gauges, safety equipment visors, door jams, mirrors, dashboard, steering wheel, etc. This section includes the trunk & hatch areas covering fuel cells, batteries, ECU’s, dry sump tanks, fuel pumps  and control modules.

Engine – 15 points

Includes fabrication quality, fit and condition of complete engine, intake and exhaust systems, wire harnesses, hoses, cables, wires, ducts, etc. Are all items properly secured and in proper position?  Fluid leaks?

Undercarriage / Drivetrain – 10 points

Includes fabrication quality, fit and condition of the lower exhaust system, undercarriage, brakes and suspension including springs shocks and anti-roll bars.


BMW CCA National Concours d’Elegance Classes

VintagePre & Post WarAll Thru 501/2/3/7, 3200, Isetta/600, 700C & SC
ClassicAll 1960s & 70sNK Sedans, 2000C/CS, 2002, e3, e9C & SC
Second Generation1980se12, e21, e23, e24, e28, e30, M1C & SC
Third Generation1990se31, e32, e34, e36, e38, Z1/3C & SC
Fourth Generation2000se39, e46, e60, e63, Z4/8C & SC
Fifth Generation2010se65, e90/91/92/93, e53/70/71 (X5/6), e87, f30 and X1 and newerC & SC
Sixth Generation2020sC & SC
Concours OriginalAllAllCO
Preservation>30 years oldAllPC
Race CarAllAllR


Clean (C) Interior/Exterior

Super Clean (SC) Interior/Exterior/Trunk/Engine

Concours Original (CO) Interior/Exterior/Trunk/Engine/Chassis/Originality

Preservation (PC) Concours Original and Authenticity

Tuner (T)  Concours and Modifications Theme

Race Car (R) Interior/Exterior/Trunk/Engine/Chassis

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