Driving School

The above video was filmed during our 2013 O'fest Driving Schools at Monterey's famed Laguna Seca.

Two Days Of High-Performance Driving Schools Offered For 2018

This year, we are offering two days of high-performance driving schools at Pittsburgh International Raceway Thursday July 12 and Friday, July 13. O’fest Driving Schools provide an opportunity for members to turn high-speed laps around some of the most well-known racing facilities in the US while learning valuable driving skills—and more about their car’s performance capabilities in the process. 
All levels of students are welcome, and our instructors will work with you to understand your wishes and abilities. Our driving schools are set up to meet everyone's needs, and you will be instructed within your comfort level. We want everyone to enjoy the track, the friends, and the facility. Each driver will have an instructor in the car to coach you and help you learn the proper lines of the track. All participants also attend classroom sessions to reinforce what they are doing and learning in the car.
Safety is always the greatest of concerns at any driving school, and it's always the focus of everything we do. We want everyone to enjoy the event and to take their cars home in the same condition as when they arrived. But we also want you to go home with an improved awareness of your skills and your car, and a lot of track stories to share.

Helmets are required. Snell M2010, SA2010, M2015, SA2015

SUVs other than BMW are not allowed in driving schools.

Long pants, closed toe shoes required.

Long sleeve shirts recommended.


Bring them filled out with you.

A Few Driving School FAQ’s

Is this a race or a racing-style event?

No, this is a driver-education school—to help you improve your skills and enjoy your vehicle. There is often a Club Racing event as part of Oktoberfest, but you must be a licensed BMW CCA Club racer with a fully prepared race car for that one!

Will I be able to get my car tech inspected at the track?

No, you must bring the tech-inspection sheet filled out and checked by a certified repair shop. Failure to have this completed form with you at registration will keep you from participating.

Will I need a helmet, or can I share with someone?

All drivers need their own helmets, and all helmets must be Snell rated per the BMW CCA Driving Events Operations Manual. We allow M and SA ratings for helmets, but they must all be current. If you arrive with an out-of-date helmet, you could be turned away—as rental helmets are not always available.

Am I insured if something happens?

It depends; each insurance company has its own policies for cars on a track. You may have coverage, since this is an educational event, not a race; but many companies do not cover any activities held on a racing surface or at a racing facility. Be aware of the limitations of your auto insurance coverage at HPDEs; check your own policy for your coverage limits. While damage to your car at your first driving event is rare, it can happen. Consult your insurance agent or carrier if in doubt.

Fortunately, Lockton Affinity offers single-event HPDE insurance at a discounted rate for BMW CCA members.

Can I bring my convertible?

Unfortunately, this year's Oktoberfest Driving Schools will not allow open-top cars. This includes retractable hard-top convertibles.

Do I need a four-point harness, or will the stock seat belts be adequate?

Original-equipment seat belts and shoulder harnesses are fine. If you do upgrade to a racing style harness, the same restraint must be provided for both passenger and driver.

Are classroom sessions mandatory?

Yes, all classroom sessions are mandatory—and will be monitored so we know who was and was not in class.

Does my car need to be specially prepared for a driving school?

No, your street car is fine—probably better, at first, than a fully prepared track car. Bring what you have, and enjoy the school! But keep in mind that you will wear out your tires and brakes much faster than you would during normal daily use. And remember that you will need your completed tech form at registration—no tech inspections at the track!